Health Safety and Environment

Health Safety and Environment

At Ranger Energy Services, we recognize that a strong HS&E culture is the foundation to the success of our organization. As such, we take the necessary means to ensure that HS&E is embedded in every aspect of our business



Ensuring our people work safely is paramount to Ranger's operations. Our goal is and always will be ZERO injuries. Within the oilfield service industry, often times the focus is on incident rates and numbers. While these rates are certainly critical, it is most important to remember that these numbers represent people. People are what differentiate one company from another. Ranger has established a comprehensive HS&E management system to ensure that safety is not just a policy or a patch on a shirt, but rather the foundation for the way we conduct business.


Industrial Illness prevention is an important part of our business. Ranger has implemented policies and programs aimed at eliminating the risk of industrial illnesses to our employees. In addition to policy implementation, we have also engineered illness prevention systems directly into many of our equipment designs to further reduce the possibility of industrial illness exposure.


Vehicle incidents are one of the largest causes of serious injury or death in the oilfield service industry. Ranger recognizes this and has taken significant steps in an effort to reduce exposure to our employees as they operate company vehicles. These measures include very stringent background checks, the use of journey management, the implementation of a First Move Forward Policy, and a total ban on the use of cell phones or other two-way communication devices while operating any vehicle.


Environmental preservation is a consideration in every job we do. As such, Ranger has established comprehensive policies and procedures aimed at minimizing our impact to the environment. This is accomplished in many ways to include the use of less hazardous alternatives to traditional chemicals, training for all of our employees on spill prevention and mitigation, the use of secondary spill containment, dual fuel pressure pumping, and preventative maintenance/inspections on our vehicles and equipment.


A solid HS&E foundation is critical to reducing or eliminating Non-Productive Time. Injuries and spills can result in the shutdown of our operations causing a loss of critical time and productivity. Shut downs in turn can lead to frustration and rushing which are not conductive to safe or productive operations. Ranger keep Non-Productive Time to a minimum through the use of structured preventative maintenance, and a strong HS&E culture.