Fluid Handling

Fluid Handling

Proper fluid handling is vital to oil and gas operations. At Ranger Energy Services we are experienced with all oilfield fluids. Our objective is to keep your cost low while increasing your overall oilfield efficiency.


Fluid Handling Equipment

In order to properly execute our fluid handling operations we have a diverse range of equipment. In our fleet of trucks we use both vacuum adn winc trucks. We have up to 500 barrel frac tanks in a variety of shapes and sizes including square round and open top tanks. We also have 300 barrel standup tanks.


Fluid Handling Operations

At Ranger Energy Services we have the capability of hauling heavy equipment such as low boys and pipe to be used in various fluid handling operations. We help our clients with water sourcing and can work with all oilfield fluids. In regards to water we are experienced in working with fresh, potable, flowback and produced water.


Oilfield Fluid Disposal

The Safe disposal of fluids in the oilfield is a crucial part of efficient fluid management. At Ranger Energy Services we have various fast bay rights in the basins in which we operate. These allow us access to multiple disposal outlets where we can dispose of fluids.